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The Joy of Not Knowing What You’re Doing

Most people who read my blog already know that I had never drawn anything before The Book of Dog, which I illustrated with black-and-white line drawings–like my dear friend Wanda Lubiejewski.

At the very end of my Book of Dog journey, though, I started fooling around with paper cuttings instead. It was so much fun that, when I realized my Book of Dog paperback cover didn’t work at all for the square format of an audio CD, I came up with this completely different look for the audiobook.


I’m having fun with the idea of illustrating the next novel with paper cuttings. Here is one possible picture for a scene that takes place in the Premature Owl-Baby Ward (why not):


So that picture may never see the page, but maybe something like it will, or maybe it will be something completely different in the end. Hans Christian Anderson was a master at this obscure art, by the way. Here is one of his amazing papercuttings:

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