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Jacob Olson at “Reviews and Robots” reviews The Book of Dog

Jacob Olson’s review of The Book of Dog on the “Reviews and Robots” blog focuses on The Book of Dog’s critique of American culture, something that no other review of my novel has emphasized. It made my day. For a small press author every review is a gift, and that is even more true when it feels like your book connects with an individual reader in exactly the way you intended.

From the review:

“The Book of Dog is one of the strangest books you’ll ever read, yet somehow it works. This apocalyptic tale of the coming of the rapture pairs American ignorance with freakish occurrences, sending the read on a dystopian path through the stories of six women and the inevitable end of the world as we know it. I can’t begin to describe how strange of a read this is, and I’m amazed at how well all of the bizarre pieces work together to create this inspiring story.”

Here is the full review, complete with a very cute, Apocalyptic Pug.

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