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Month: August 2019

new scissors made me happy

Now that I’m deeply into illustrating my next novel, I’ve come up with a dozen or so ‘looks’ and none of my pictures meld together…they all look like different books. On the upside, I got some Fiskar “Titanium” scissors and they make me very happy, and now that I’m not using kitchen shears I’m more leaning toward doing papercutting art for this novel vs. line drawings. It feels very exciting to be experimenting with this medium, and with color too, after all the b&w line drawings for The Book of Dog, butI’m getting a little wild with the palette.

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The Joy of Not Knowing What You’re Doing

Most people who read my blog already know that I had never drawn anything before The Book of Dog, which I illustrated with black-and-white line drawings–like my dear friend Wanda Lubiejewski.

At the very end of my Book of Dog journey, though, I started fooling around with paper cuttings instead. It was so much fun that, when I realized my Book of Dog paperback cover didn’t work at all for the square format of an audio CD, I came up with this completely different look for the audiobook.


I’m having fun with the idea of illustrating the next novel with paper cuttings. Here is one possible picture for a scene that takes place in the Premature Owl-Baby Ward (why not):


So that picture may never see the page, but maybe something like it will, or maybe it will be something completely different in the end. Hans Christian Anderson was a master at this obscure art, by the way. Here is one of his amazing papercuttings:

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My Novel in Progress

I’m 45,000 words into my follow-on novel to The Book of Dog by Lark Benobi and I’m starting on my favorite part–the illustrations! Like The Book of Dog, this next novel is a celebratory story, mostly about motherhood, and with some mild bestiality.

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