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about me

Woof say all!

The Book of Dog is the story of heroic and world-saving deeds done by small creatures, working together, and it is told by two literal bitches, Doberman and Margie Peach, and you will get to know them very well if you buy their book.

But my book is fiction. In real life I’m not a dog of any kind. I’m a human writer.

Here is a picture of me holding a shoe:

The Book of Dog may be just one small bark of protest, but if many female dogs speak up right now, we can change the world. Believe me.

I’d love to hear from you about anything at all. If you’re obscene or otherwise trollish be warned that I might quote you in promotional materials.

Here is where you can contact me.

you can also find me hanging out on Goodreads, where I cantankerously share my bookish opinions under the moniker of ‘lark benobi,’ here.