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“Here is a clever, fearless writer, full of promise and surprise.”
~Jim Crace

Lark Benobi’s The Book of Dog is a tale of politics, religion, demon possession, motherhood, love, betrayal, and easy-going bestiality. A ridiculously plausible story set in an alternate America, it wryly explores how even the most insignificant and powerless of people can change the world.

Coming from Vegetablian Books on September 6, 2018, in print, audio, and ebook.

Here is a pre-approved link to NetGalley, where you can download a digital copy of The Book of Dog for review (free registration required):

The Book of Dog

HERE  is where you can drop me a line or request an advance review copy of The Book of Dog directly from me (no registration required).

HERE is where you can read more about The Book of Dog.

HERE is where you can pre-order The Book of Dog from Amazon. 

HERE  is where you can find my Dog Blog–I write mostly about contemporary literature.