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Kirkus Reviews calls The Book of Dogunforgettable“… and Foreword Reviews calls it “triumphant”… and you deserve to read this book!


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“Lark Benobi unabashedly takes on modern politics in all its bestial madness in The Book of Dog, celebrating the joys of womanhood, diversity, and the wonders of nature…a triumphant tale about marginalized people who work together to effect the greater good.” —Nancy Powell, Foreword Reviews

“Benobi’s story offers wonderfully surreal moments rich with metaphor…a fantasy tale with unforgettable characters and a convincing, insightful message.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Playful and surreal, heartwarming and heartbreaking, Lark Benobi’s The Book of Dog delivers a story of determination and love in a time of despair. Rather than merely raising a middle finger toward the age of Trump, Benobi prefers to slam it with her fist.” —Robert Repino, author of Mort(e)

“Clearly an author to watch.” —Library Journal

“Here is a clever, fearless writer, full of promise and surprise.”—Jim Crace 

“The book serves as a metaphor for female powerlessness in male and religion-dominated societies, but its six heroines are still willing to kick ass and take names…the irreverent and fantastical novel is filled with evocative, stylized cartoons and is an ode to friendship. Individually, they may not be able to change very much, but together, every dog has her day.—Ilana Lucas, Brit + Co

“The Book of Dog will delight you! You will love it!” —Mary Mbwembwe