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Month: August 2018

Drawing My Way

The most unexpected delight of writing The Book of Dog was the way I one day began to draw the story as I wrote it.

You must understand, I’ve never drawn anything. I felt very silly. Because these are silly drawings.

But I loved these drawings! I have a big pile of them now, enough for every sentence I wrote practically.


Honestly a big part of the reason I decided to self-publish was because I didn’t want anyone telling me “Ok, we want to offer you a book contract, but these silly drawings simply have to go.”

I didn’t want to have to make that choice in my life.

Buy The Book of Dog by Lark Benobi


My audiobook has been sent out for distribution today. It should start appearing on audiobook sites in 10-20 days. My book as narrated by Bernadette Dunne is my favorite version of The Book of Dog, which is a weird admission for someone who has written an illustrated book.

Sadly there isn’t a single chapter that WordPress can manage unless I compress the MP3 file until it is a tinny replica of its former self…but here is one chapter I like, which happens to be chapter 30.

Publication Date is coming fast–to celebrate I’m giving the ebook away for free!

Hi everyone. The publication date for THE BOOK OF DOG is three weeks away and until then I am offering a free ebook to anyone who asks, here:…

I also have extra paperback ARCs and one-off prints of the novel where I was experimenting with cover design. The interiors of these books are identical or have just very minor typos that have since been corrected. If you review books on Goodreads or Amazon, use the contact form above to request a one-of-a-kind, pre-publication paperback copy of THE BOOK OF DOG~I’ll even sign it!  I will draw an extra picture! I’m excited to share this story with you and I hope to hear from you soon.